Globetrotter Kip Moore Has the Cure for the World’s Divisiveness: “Travel”

Globetrotter Kip Moore Has the Cure for the World’s Divisiveness: “Travel”

From the mountains of Iceland to the surf of Costa Rica to the beaches of Australia, Kip Moore has spanned the globe. Take a quick scan through Kip’s Instagram, and you might end up with his viewpoint from Northern Ireland or Hawaii.

The native of south Georgia attributes his globetrotting with opening his mind. As Kip recently told the titular host of The Blair Garner Show, “travel” could be the cure to the world’s divisiveness.

“I think about how divisiveness this world is right now in every sense of the word, from being open to how you live your life, whether it be religions, politics, who you want to date, sexuality, everything,” says Kip. “Once you get out and you start to really travel, you realize how the same we all are, no matter our different preferences in life, and how most people just want to have joy and take care of each other. The people that are negative are the loud ones, so we hear their voices a lot, but for the most part, we’re all so similar. I’ll go and travel places where I can’t even speak the same language, but we can have a conversation without even speaking the same language and we’re having laughter . . . If we all got out and experienced the world for what it was, we’d all be so much more accepting of each other, and I think we’d be a lot less divisive.”

Kip recently gave fans their first taste of new music from his upcoming fourth studio album with the release of lead single “She’s Mine.” Kip produced the new single, which he co-penned with Dan Couch and Scott Stepakoff.

photo by NCD